Prominent Artist of the World

When it comes to the world of art, there are lots of prominent figures – along with their artworks – that contributes different effect and meaning to the world. here are some examples of the world-class painters and their works that you should need to know.

Henri Matisse, whose work focused on Fauvism. He’s an artist of the twentieth century. Fauvism, is one of the movements before Cubism, and is considered responsible of introducing different new techniques to this artistic world. Thanks to Matisse, the Fauvism is now considered

career, but because of the distinct style and unique colors, this technique is becoming very popular and liked. For a lot of people, Matisse had the courage to return to pure artistic form, which was respected by other peers and followers.

Paul Klee. He was born in Switzerland and had participated in many art movements during his career. He was one of the leading figure in many of the movements, including surrealism, cubism, and expressionism. Before Nazi ruling, Klee had worked and focused in surrealism, and also took career as its art instructor. When Nazi attacked, he escaped to Switzerland, leaving Germany behind. For the rest of his life, he stayed there. His early childhood was actually started with music. His father was a professional violist, driving Klee to love the field. He was actually quite talented, before finally turned to visual artistic form.

Edvard Munch, who had important role in the German expressionism. He was actually Norwegian born that was able to set off his name among the 20th century artists. He was also related to several of other well known artists like Peter Munch and Jacob Munch. Because of the family issue – mother’s early death and father’s mental illness – that affected his work, Munch’s work have these deep expression, as the outcome of his repressed feelings.



High Tech Large Touch Screen TV with Millions of Apps

Technology has never been enough to bring really useful devices for human being especially in the last decades. This advancement is certainly great news considering everything is getting much easier to handle from daily tasks to workloads. One of the best devices that people ever have in their lives is the Tabler TV. It is a high tech device which is so useful to be used everyday especially in the offices when we need to deal with presentations. The Tabler TV is the first device ever created to transform the monitor or TV we have into Large Touch Screen TV & Multi Touch Monitor. Just by imagining, we already know how useful this device can be. With easy set up, this device allows us to use high functional touch wall. For professionals, this is a handy device must have.

What features does this device have? Well, it has three main features that deliver great functions when used. Firstly, it comes with integrated chip completing the multi touch technology allowing us to have easy control over the display with only using the gestures and fingers just like what we usually do on our large tablet. Secondly, it is designed to be used for any kinds of industries. So, no matter on what company we work, this device can till deliver its best functions. Thirdly, it supports various smart devices including Windows, Mac and also Android. This means we can access and use various apps available in the app store. Of course, this feature makes Tabler TV fun to use for getting some entertainments.

Stunning TablerTV with Multifunction

What would it be when someone or some company able to put table and TV together in a single unit? Certainly, this idea sounded crazy or even impossible in the years ago. No one have ever though how the combination will be. It might not even work. Well, we cannot blame what other people think because for the truth, this idea was quite strange at first. But, apparently the rapid development of technology has allowed this crazy idea to be come true. Now, let’s welcome this super stunning Touch Screen Table: 46″ & 55″ Multi-Touch Tablet. This is the first TablerTV ever manufactured in the world. No wonder that this masterpiece has been an idol adored by everyone around the world. Imagine, our table functions both as table where we put items on it and as TV where we can watch our favorite shows.


With a quick and easy setup, we can enjoy our TV or displayed transformed into huge Touch Wall or multi touch table using the TablerTV. Nothing is going to stop us from enjoying Large Touch Screen TV & Multi Touch Monitor every time we want. It’s our decision to decide how big or large the Touch wall will be. In fact, the TablerTV even allow us to enjoy a very good moment playing mode games with friends. Of course, demonstrating presentation will be so easy to manage with only proper gestures and finger touch. Now, it also comes with technology named AirScreen, an advanced wireless system with multitouch interaction so that we can get full resolution of 1080p.






Have Fun with Facegram

There is nothing better than to be able to see the stunning, unforgettable or even the breathtaking photos that have been taken around the world. Although we may not be involved in the taking but just seeing it is a moment that is worth a lifetime especially if there are people we love and care about in the photos. Everyone would certainly agree that photos are the windows to the world. They simply give chances to anyone in anywhere to see what is going on in other parts of the world. So, where are the best places to see the best and memorable photos? Well, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular ones. These two social medias have been giving the easiest and fastest way to view photos and shares them to other people. But hey, do you know there is a web viewer site allowing everyone to see photos both in Facebook and Instagram within the same time without even have to log in to each of them? Yes, that place is what people call Facegram.

Once logged in, we can see photos shared by our friends who have been in our Facebook and Instagram contact.  Isn’t this the easiest way, is it? Not only can we view the photos but we can also write comments in any photos just like when we do it when logging in Facebook or Instagram account. And of course, we can also see any responds to our photos from others, if any, such as the “likes”. Facegram also has great feature allowing the two tags search. So, feel free to try it.



The Main Tips in Conducting Effective Writing in Surveys

When it comes to effective writing in surveys, there are actually lots of considerations and elements to ponder about. Most people underestimate this process, thinking that a survey is merely a survey; it doesn’t hold anything important. But if you want the survey to work out well and you want to achieve the outcome that you desire, it is important to pay attention to these 5 main elements in survey structure and making.

First of all, it is important to consider the aim of the survey itself. Surveys are done for many different reasons, so it is crucial that you really understand what kind of survey you are going do and the basic purpose of it. Knowing the purpose will help you to direct the survey on the right track and target, so be sure to really understand this basic completely.

Second, it is crucial to come up with the right title that is in accordance with the survey itself. Most people will take a look at the title first before they decide to take on the survey. If you fail to address the title, your survey won’t be able to achieve fruitful outcome. It is also important to pay attention on the length. The right survey should be the right length; it shouldn’t be too long or too short. Too long survey will get you nowhere. Too short survey will only limit the span o the inquiry.

Third, language is also an important matter. It is imperative that you use simple and straightforward English. Use it effectively and straight-forwardly. Avoid beating around the bush type and avoid using acronyms as much as possible. Although English has become an international language, not all people understand it clearly or thoroughly.  Also try to frame the questions in the right and proper manner so the respondents won’t be confused or experience ambiguity.  

Fourth, you should understand and learn more about the art of asking the questions. It is important that you ask questions one at a time. Asking several questions at once will only lead to confusion and ambiguity. Moreover, you should also consider about asking it the right way so your respondents won’t feel that they are being led by your questions.  

And the last one is that you should really know your target. It is in accordance with the first element. If you fail to get the right target, then your survey won’t get the desired outcome at all.   Consider those 5 tips in effective writing surveys and you should be able to deal with your surveys with no hassle at all.

Best Uses of Route4Me Route Planner

Have you been looking for a functional device to help you plan your holiday? Fortunately, you have come to the best choice, the mobile route planner which works to simply make your holiday better and unforgettable. With more people having unexpected holiday, it gets more difficult to fully plan all the details for the holiday even the route. That is one of the main reasons why the route planner especially the Route4Me comes and offers a great service. Its main function is to help us planning the route especially in places we have never been there before. Of course, this will be such a relief because it minimizes the risk of getting lost. Its actual usage is considered so simple. You simply need to enter the postcode or location and then select the region which is displayed inside the list. Afterward, you will get in-depth review and available destinations in the region that you can visit. Continue reading