How Online Relationships Evolved Over the Years

If you’ve tried online dating in the 90’s, then you must have noticed how it has evolved over the years. With the rise of social networks, smartphones, and the changing attitudes of people towards dating chat led to a whole, new dating platform.

If you are new to the online dating scene or you are coming back to it, you might want to think about the following before proceeding.

Online dating has become more popular and accepted.

Compared to the 90s, the idea of online dating has been accepted by most people and culture today. Since everybody does almost everything online, there is no stigma in dating people online unlike a decade ago.

According to Andrea Bonior, PhD, a clinical psychologist, a Washington Post Express Columnist, and the author of The Friendship Fix: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Losing, and Keeping Up with Your Friends, the evolution of online dating has increased the amount of people of using it; thus, the dating pool has become much more diverse and of quality; which means that there are more chances for singles to meet someone who is compatible to them.

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Aside from the number of users, we now have a lot of websites to choose from depending on our preference of connecting and there is more gender balance.

Internet access today is easier.

Back then, we need to go home and sit on our chair checking and waiting for messages. All that has been made more convenient today with the mobile dating apps and sites which can be accessed through our smartphones; these apps and sites made it possible for us to plan dates when you’re away from your computers.

People have become more internet-savvy.

With ease of internet access today, the web has been part of our everyday lives; thus, our privacy and identity should be among the things that we need to protect and monitor religiously. As technology is becoming more highly advanced, how we protect our privacies has become more important.

Since most, if not all, of us are becoming more internet-savvy, it is not surprising that when you meet people online, instant messaging is done first before meeting in person; this has become a trend of getting to know someone from a distance.

Texting has become more accepted in a major way.

When people meet someone online, they chat with them first through IMs. And as personalities click and chemistries are felt, exchanging of mobile numbers comes next; just right before meeting up. Before, texting isn’t that common.

Vast Data Center Soon to Rise in Telecom Corridor

In the ground of Telecom Corridor will raise a million square-foot data center for two high-tech firms. The NTT Communications and RangingWire firms have bought 42 acres near Bush Turnpike for the building of the soon-to-be largest data centers in North Texas.

Accordingly, it is about the same size of the huge Facebook project which under construction in the north of Fort Worth.

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Big Impact for Texas

Bo Bond with commercial real estate firm JLL said that the project would have a big impact in North Texas. Bond was responsible for the arrangement of purchasing the land. He added that there are tons of companies in the Telecom Corridor and this project will be closed to them.

The best thing about these data centers Bond added that these will empower banks and insurance companies and will be of great help on every telecom subscribers today.

Moreover, he said that with its location, which is accessible to telecommunication fiber networks and electric power, will serve businesses in Plano, Richardson and across Dallas. “They are going to build a very large campus like they have done in Northern California and Northern Virginia,” he said.

RangingWire is part of a worldwide network of 140 data centers, which is operated by the NTT Communications.

CEO of RangingWire George Macricostas said that they are thrilled in entering the Dallas data center market since around US, Dallas is one of the top markets.

Garland Mayor Douglas Athas said, “We view RagingWire as a leader in the data center industry and a strategic addition to the business community.”

More developments to be expected

The property is located in the east of Richardson in Garland’s city proper. The city of Garland and Garland Power & Light is working with NTT and RangingWire to come up with this biggest development in the region.

Along with them are other different companies like security and restoration companies who are ready to provide fire and water damage repair in case such problems arise.

North Texas is viewed to be one of the fastest-growing data center markets in US. Texas is attracting great billions of dollars of investments in data center with the multitude of new businesses coming to the area.

According to a study, the market in North Texas, specifically in Dallas-Fort Worth market is growing each year for about 13 percent and is already the fourth largest data center market in the United States.

According to Bond, they are working on a couple of great and awesome projects today. Bond of RangingWire is working side by side with Ali Greenwood a broker from JLL for the land purchase.

Lastly, Bond said that more development is coming along with the project.

Buying Whisky Online Is Not Scary at All

Buying whisky online is like any other pleasures; it requires skill, patience and a bit of luck. Some will think that it is just a simple affair, all you need to do is click and buy but it is not. There are important things that must be considered if your aim is to hunt down rare Scotch to complete your collection. There are many reasons why a shopper buys whisky online than in store. First, it is more accessible to buy online for a wide array of spectacular bottles that a buyer cannot find in a retail store most especially if you live outside the major markets in the US like Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC.

The key is to look for a trusted source with excellent product recommendations, according to the co-founder of, Steve Abt. Also, apart from the recommendations, the expert must have tasting notes including product information to help the buyer look for the perfect spirit that suits his taste. These expert online retailers can send to your door but it depends on the state the buyer lives since shipping regulations vary. So, you must read the policies carefully. If you belong to a state that has the luxury of providing every whisky enthusiast, they have a selection which is out of the ordinary. There are vendors overseas that can provide you particularly in the UK. They will deliver Scotch as well as other world whiskies right in your doorsteps but shipping costs are much higher and there is often a slight chance that your order will be sent to the sender back by the US Customs.

Another reason why shopping whisky online is more advantageous according to Stone is the price. He said, “The Internet has put the consumer in the position of having pricing data from multiple retailers at their fingertips.” Buying whisky online is like shopping in physical stores, you have to check multiple vendors first to see who can provide you with a quality Scotch at the lowest price possible. Websites such as revealed to search for a good price, for example, whisky X in a California store costs $89.99 but you can buy the same brand in New Jersey for about $20 or even less.

Finally, buying whisky online brings a different benefit to the buyer, all you have to do is to click and buy and wait to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Why Web Hosting Is Important

Whatever you do around the web goes through a web hosting service. Although it is possible to host your own content, it is most unlikely that you can go through a typical day without going past through a goedkope hosting service. One way or another, your web experience will be facilitated by a web host.

Although you won’t be able to do anything about the web hosting service others use, you can do something about yours. Here are some reasons why web hosting is important:


Web content is physical. More often than not, we treat digital as if they are ethereal or they’re located in the cloud. Content pirates believe that they have the right to steal your content primarily because to them, they aren’t real. However note that an intellectual property is still a property; and digital content, is still content. Content has location and its location is vital.

Cloud hosting companies that are located far from the customers won’t be able to provide the speed as the company that is located near you; this is very essential when you have a lot of big-sized data. Although there are solutions to these problems such as server distribution and data duplication, it still requires that data to be located in an advantageous place.

Unlimited Possibilities

Among the reasons why some websites only have few multimedia archive is that they only have a limited hosting plan which forces them to choose the type of content they will provide to their audience. Thus, if you have the website, you don’t want it to only have limited possibilities as this may result to audiences choosing the website of your competitors.

When you are looking for web hosts, you’d want to see unlimited possibilities as much as possible. Look for web hosts that offer you unlimited domains, disk space, as well as bandwidth. The fewer limitations they set on creativity, the better your website will be.

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Secured Design

It is important to note that you will not only secure your data, but as well as that of your visitors. Thus, if you are looking for web hosts, you should look for features such as Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Data Backup and Restoration, as well as Network Security.

However, those features don’t prevent you from hackers; but, not having them would be like living in a house with no locks on doors and windows. The safer your site is, the harder it is for hackers to hack your data, as well as the users.

How the Younger Generation in Malaysia Gets News Updates

Go to a restaurant or coffee shop and take a look around, almost everyone is looking at their smartphones; and mostly not talking to each other. It is not a surprise to find out that more Malaysians use the internet through their phones rather than their computers. This is primarily the reason why more and more avail for Video, Internet, and Phone Unifi package.

A survey by Google

Google conducted a survey last year and found that Malaysia is one of the 5 countries where people connect to the internet through phones more than their computers.

As a matter of fact, according to Google, about 35% Malaysian say they only use their phones for internet access which makes them the number one country worldwide as to “smartphone internet access exclusivity”.

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What do Malaysians do with their Smartphones?

Aside from updating their status on Facebook, posting pictures of food and places on Instagram, and ranting on Twitter, Hariz Noor, 24, told Malay Mail Online, “I follow news sites both on Twitter and Facebook to keep up. There… they update regularly with some even minute by minute.”

Gim Yuen Hui, 19, on the other hand, does not visit news site frequently but keeps up-to-date with current events in the country through her friends that share the news on Facebook or WeChat. WeChat is an instant messaging application developed in China that has become increasingly popular around Asia.

News Consumption Trend in Malaysia

The new trend of keeping up with current events seem to be adopted more by the younger generation, most especially by those who are active on social media and have online presence.

Speaking to a number of young Malaysians, they said that they would rather go through their timelines in Twitter and Facebook than visit news sites specifically for the reason that it has become some sort of a routine to frequently check social media sites. Another factor is that even news outlets are visible on social media itself, updates are much faster and real-time.

“These social media applications are popular because the younger generation prefers shorter and more concise news with interesting headlines as most people now are reading via their smartphones,” said Hariz, a communications student.

Niki Cheong, a writer, lecturer, and social activist, agrees that most people nowadays prefer “bite-sized” news provided on social media which makes it a lot easier to read and share to friends.

“You can’t read long-winded articles on your phone as it is time consuming. There is going to be a big shift to chats in 5 years or so but for that they have to change their structure. They need the kind of structure in place where it allows easier sharing especially among groups of friends,” said Cheong.

News Credibility

Ikhwan Nazri, editor of the website, said that although people use social media for news updates, they also tend to be wary about the trustworthiness of news that are being shared by people.

“More younger people read news on social sites to know what’s happening but the problem is sometimes the news may not be true. They need to make sure the source of news is verified before they go on to share it among their friends,” Nazri said.

ICANN Receives Criticisms over Domain Names

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During the House hearing last Wednesday, with the presence of various business and advocacy groups that stand as witnesses, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), received accusations for alleged foul behavior, on giving preferential treatment on foreign government and on the lack of transparency. Speaks

Paul Misener a vice president of Inc. said, “Is the process working? From Amazon’s perspective, no. It’s not.” It was famously reported on 2013 that Amazon complained against the governments of Brazil and Peru concerning “.amazon” domain should refer to the South American river, responsible for huge tourism revenues for the two countries, or to its own brand.

App Association Revelation

Jonathan Zuck president of App Association said that there’s a secret resolution passed allowing the CEO of ICANN to get in partnership with the Brazilian government creating their own private governance standards.

Coalition for Online Accountability Questions

The new top-level domains including the controversial domains like “.porn” and “.suck” are also questioned considering that intellectual property disputes are growing. Steve Metalitz, a lawyer for the Coalition for Online Accountability questioned, “Will the availability of these new top-level domains serve the public? Or will it simply enrich speculators?”

Also, California Representative Darrell Issa said that “legalized extortion” is the result of the proliferation of domain names.

ICANN Unable to Speak

Attending the hearing was Allen R. Grogan, other ICANN’s representatives however were not asked to speak at the hearing of the Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet, and they had expressed their dismay on not being asked to speak.

Many online businesses make use of SEO for them to optimize their online presence and using domains with good SEO metrics is definitely part of the internet marketing scheme. With this, online businesses and even non-profit organizations and agencies are able to control the network’s address. Also, it enables them to be located as an organization or other entity on the Internet.

New Vanity Phone Numbers of RingBoost Provide Marketing for Real Estate Small Businesses

The new vanity phone numbers released by RingBoost offer an easy and unique marketing opportunity for real estate small businesses. By the time you get a vanity, a phone number that can be easily remembered, it will be yours and will become a unique asset for the company. It is like owning a piece of property, nobody can own it. This is the proposition of the founder of the vanity phone number, Paul Faust and Gregg Hamerschlag about ten years ago. When they offered vanity phone numbers, it became the passion of the company since then. This year, they will expand their workforce, from twelve to thirty employees.

According to Paul Faust, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Using easy to remember phone numbers is easy”. He further said, that the vanity phone numbers are different from social media because they have no algorithms, the rules are not changing every now and then and no complicated analytics involved. The phone numbers are already present for generations; surely they will be present in many generations to come.

Vanity phone numbers already achieved more relevance in today’s digital age. In a study conducted in the previous year, they were able to find out that these numbers were accessed more often with the use of mobile devices compared to their numeric and generic counterparts. Also, the study revealed that using vanity on ads command higher click-through rates.


Around the US, vanity numbers’ appeal has not declined on owners of small businesses. For instance, the company of real estate agent Tim Holdy, Holdy Realty acquired a local vanity number. He said that when he got the number, he took it as a long-term investment and it continues to pay dividends in the last couple of years. In fact, the company has minted $5 million promotional dollars in commemoration of the phone number.

The company has employed full-time specialists in order to help business owners in terms of selecting the best number for their companies. The numbers can then be used as the basis for advertising campaigns in the future. They are doing everything to assist their clients; Paul Faust personally answers dozens of calls each week coming from business owners. All of the queries are about the various aspects of the vanity phone numbers.

A Move from an Internet Naming Body: Crack Down ‘.sucks’

In Los Angeles, the regulating body of Internet addresses is already checking if they can crack down the Canadian company that is accused of using a new domain name, .sucks. It is responsible of extracting huge amounts of money from companies and celebrities so that their public brands will be protected. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has already sent a letter to the Office of Consumer Affairs of Canada and the Federal Trade Commission of the US regarding this new domain name and to identify the regulations and actions done by Vox Populi are illegal.

Initially, ICANN approved this domain name which is introduced as a top level one, it is part of about 600 domain names which were recently added to expand more than the common names like ‘.org’, ‘.com’ and ‘.us’. However, the initial decision of ICANN has backtracked after the release of an advisory panel that is composed of companies and industry groups such as Microsoft, eBay and Verizon the previous month. This panel came up with an advisory after Vox Populi started to accept registrations using ‘.sucks’ starting March 30 from celebrities and trademark holders prior to their launching to public applicants. They charge $2,499 annually for the privilege; the CEO of Vox Populi, John Berard said that the majority of the names were already sold by resellers in the amount of $2,000 each year.

As of this date, some of the purchased names are,,,,, as well as other huge brand names. Berard added that the domain has been developed to create the companies’ destinations so that they can interact with their respective critics. He also said that the business of his company does not violate any regulations or rules; in fact, they are operating within the terms of ICANN rules as well as the law.

Two weeks ago, the Intellectual Property Constituency, an advisory body that is representing major companies including industry groups has sent a letter to ICANN, saying that ICANN should rollout ‘.sucks’ and they call it a predatory and a shakedown scheme. The advisory body was able to make this statement since companies such as are registering some domain names with a very minimal cost at $1 each year. On the other hand, Vox Populi is going to offer in September to their consumers the right to own ’sucks’ address for only $10. The advisory body said that opening ‘.sucks’ is a real threat to the consumers especially the average ones in the future, in effect, this can be Vox Populi’s essential element of its coercive scheme.

When ICANN received the letter of the advisory body, they also sent a letter to the regulators of both countries, the US and Canada to evaluate if the actions undertaken by Vox Populi are illegal. If the investigation of the US and Canada will prove that Vox Populi is not operating in accordance with the regulations of ICANN and the law, then, ICANN will declare that they have breached the contract and will seek to change the demeanor of the registry.

Website Designers of SaaS Companies will Change the Web Design’s Interface

The platforms of web design which are code-free are becoming a popular tool for website designers. Companies using these tools are promising a design experience which does not need any skills about coding or the need to hire a third-party developer which is usually expensive.

The huge names of the DIY web industry like Squarespace and Wix are promising an almost effortless ability and hassle-free site to design within minutes. This move is different from the two giants like Webflow and Webydo that are targeting professional web designers and those who have no patience or interest for coding. With Webydo, it is difficult for anyone who does not have a background for design or not working with software like Adobe Photoshop to design websites from scratch while it is a different story with the users of Wix. The users can create a website by just modifying a template which already exists and can be used by everyone who does not have a background about web design.

Webydo is based in Tel Aviv and it was found to help and empower web designers and ultimately diminish the developer’s role in the process of design. Shmulik Grizim, the co-founder and CEO of Webydo said that they feel the need to create this since the industry is enslaved by the old process that fully depends on developers in terms of converting graphic designs into handwritten codes. He further said that this professional process has not changed much which started in the 90’s; it was expensive, cumbersome and slow. This is the reason Webydo hired a group of engineers, developers and mathematicians to develop a revolutionary code generator. It is a norm in the industry that needs a large amount of money for web development, after a designer submits his design, then, he can start working. Often, this process is time-consuming and obviously the budget will have a bloating effect.

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Webflow, Adobe Muse and Webydo are providing a service which makes the redundancy of an outside developer. The distinct feature about companies like Webflow and Webydo boils down to the responsiveness as well as how the elements are related to each other. The product manager of Webydo, Nir Balev said that the main issue about this topic is responsive design and companies offering web templates which are code-free need to choose between adaptive or fluid approach.

Regardless of the minor but important differences about interfaces, Webflow and Webydo are trying their best to reverse the trend where the industry has been dominated by developers. These companies are gradually helping designers to build their own web design business and fully control their work. Eventually, these companies want to help designers create a vision that comes to life.

Cleaning Your Own Computer

Computers need to be maintained regularly in order to function properly and prolong its lifespan. There are tricks as to how to prevent malfunctions before you start off with your spring cleaning.

Perform a disk check on your computer’s hard drive.

It is important to note that the data on your hard drives may become corrupt, thereby causing it to crash and become unstable. This corruption can actually happen over time with typical computer usage; however, it can also happen when you don’t shut down your computer properly. In Windows, Check Disk is used for scans that’ll try to repair any hard drive that is corrupted. It is recommended that you run the program every few months.


Clean your computer physically.

Actual dirt and dust aren’t good for computers or any technology. Over time, they have the potential to decrease the life of the computer, thereby causing heat issues and affect the components of the computer. How frequently should you clean your computer primarily depends on how fast it gets dirty.

Protect your computer from fluctuations in power.

Computers are actually highly sensitive to power fluctuations. Therefore, you need to be able to plug your computer to a modern surge protector. After several years, surge protectors may not be able to offer protection. Thus, for best protection, you should utilize uninterruptible power supply which offers battery backup should there be power interruptions.

Utilize a software cleaner program.

At least every few months, consider using a cleaner program that would erase temporary files and repair any errors. There are a lot of cleaner programs available in the market today, but you should not sell yourself short and avail for cheaper versions.

Make sure that you have a regular backup.

As usual, if you have files, photos and documents that you don’t want to lose, then you should ensure that they’re backed up in the event that you’ll experience a hard drive failure, viruses, or other disasters. To have a peace of mind, utilize a backup system that would back up separate local drives.

Use a Defrag program on your hard drive.

Note that the data found on your hard drives may become fragment which may slow down your computer. Windows has a Disk Defragmenter that is tasked to fix any fragmentation. In Windows Vista and other later versions of Windows, the program may run automatically; however, you may have to verify the task first. As soon as you have opened the program, it will provide you information on the last time you’ve used the program and the next scheduled defragmentation. If you are using the old Windows XP, the defrag program may not run automatically and should be manually run to defrag every few months.

It is important to remember that you should have an anti-virus program installed and consider extra adware programs, as well as malware protection. In addition, you should also consider seeking professional computer programmers help if you aren’t entirely sure about these maintenance tasks. To know more about this, visit