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Condominiums are an increasingly attractive option for young people these days who cannot afford to buy homes in the suburbs and dread the traffic in and from the city every day. A condominium, or apartment, lets them live, within walking distance of work and night life enjoyable. Contents condominium owners insurance is important, and as you compile that essential inventory together with the photographic possession evidence you need to split your classification into these main categories. It is almost certainly be the case that you need separate contents Cover on those items, especially jewellery; it’s capped by the majority of insurance companies at $2500 – complete, not only a thing – so you will need to organise something sensible there.

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Liability for other people’s health and safety while on your apartment is also something to take into account. You really need to, unless your body corporate master policy specifies otherwise and exempts you, arrange cover which insures you against claims for medical and hospital expenses by individuals who trip, fall or bang their heads and determine that their stupidity was your fault. Now here is an eye-opener: flood and earthquake damage aren’t automatically covered by your own body corporate policy, and each has to be covered separately at your initiation. Check with the intricate manager, however, and if he is no use then talk with your attorney, because a number of the body corporate cover EQ and flooding while some do not, and you wish to understand also the limit of your pay if your own body corporate does claim to pay for them. It may still be worth organising your policy if the body corporate policy would be for market value only rather than replacement value.

Your quest for a fantastic condominium owner’s insurance company shouldn’t differ from the essentials from that to get a homeowner’s or householder’s cover. You need to know that the Boulevard 88 company has a good reputation for reliability in honouring claims, it is strong on customer support and service, it is up front about reductions and that it’s given you all of the information you need in plain English about what is involved in filing a claim.


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