How to use Hang Curtains?

Allows start right at the beginning:

Action ladders: Your arms will certainly drop of before you have taken your initial lesson in how to hang curtains. Not too tall that you cannot reach the window easily without leaning out to the side to hang drapes tossing you off equilibrium.

Curtain hooks for standard pencil pleat drape tape:

Curtain hooks again ensure before you start that you have enough of the best sort of curtain hooks Light curtains will be fine with common plastic hooks. Tool weight curtains make use of nylon hooks, more powerful than plastic. They will bend without damaging. Heavy curtains use steel nickel hooks, they are bit fiddly to manage they all stick together package. Similar to the Chinese puzzles I had as a youngster.


Drape hooks for bucram headed drapes:

You will certainly need what are called pin hooks simply because they have a sharp pin which punctures through the textile and also bucram on the back of the curtain header. This kind of heading makes for the best looking drapes. As always the best all means costs that bit extra.

An added set of hands:

When you are learning how to hang curtains large or heavy it is very useful to have somebody standing at ground degree holding the curtain taking the weight. This enables you to hang the drape onto your track or rod easily.

Preparing your bucram headed curtains prior to hanging:

Fortunately apart from putting in the pin hooks setting them down 1/2 inch from the top of your curtain. There is no more prepping to do. You have to discover how to hang curtains and dress them appropriately.

Prepping your pencil pleat drapes before dangling:

Standard pencil pleat curtains to begin you will require gathering the tape on the top of your curtains. You do this by taking out the 3 cords in the back of the drape tape. To start pull the cords out of both ends of the curtain tape and connect them with each other in a company knot.

There are 2 factors for this

  1. It quits you pulling the cords entirely out of the tape not a good beginning when finding out how to hang drapes.
  2. It maintains the cords with each other on the end that you draw the cables bent on gather your curtain.

Then remain to pull the cords out. Basic idea on gathering your curtains port macquarie Take one collection of knotted cables and hook over a door manage or some other set item. After that use one hand to hold the drape tape and with the other hand begin to pull the tape far from the door manage. You will see the heading on your curtain start to pleat.